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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Useful Cosmetic Dupes

I confess that I am a makeup whore, and have found so many cheap dupes of pricey products (after I buy the pricey product) so I thought I'd share some recent ones I've found.

Useful Dupes - lip

MAC Viva Glam Cyndi - $14 -$20
Nivea Kiss of Shine Cherry - $2.49 (

MAC's Cyndi is really sheer. I wasn't aware of that when I bought it. It's a lovely color, but no better than my Nivea Cherry. Similar coverage, but Nivea has SPF!

Useful Dupes - cheek1

MAC - Blush in Style $20-$24
Rimmel Blush in Peach $1.69 at Ulta

You can see how close these are! MAC's Style has some gold shimmer that the Rimmel doesn't, but the Rimmel is very pretty and lasts even longer. At that price, you can't go wrong!

Useful Dupes -cheek2

Benefit Thrrob Blush - $28
NYC Color Wheel Pink Glow - $3.60 Rite Aid

I wanted to love Thrrob, I really did, but it was SO sheer with hardly any payoff. It seems to get brighter the longer it's on. The pink glow color wheel by NYC is actually better, with a prettier shimmer.

I'll try to add more as I find them. It's fun, because the cheaper drugstore brands are usually well worth the small price.