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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Favorite Things - Hair

I've always been a frustrated "never was" stylist. In high school I planned to become a make up artist, until one of my parents said that was a career chosen by dumb girls. Right! So now that I have my boring executive assistant position, I wish I could be more creative.
Anyone who knows me knows what a complete product whore I am, so I decided to post items that I have used and loved over the years. I'm not afraid to spend the bucks if something works, but strangely, some of the best products I've found are also the cheapest drugstore brands. Having very thick, coarse, and wavy hair, here are the things that work great to get it in control, and still look healthy.

Matrix Biolage - Curl Defining Cream: Light, smells soft. You only need two little pumps for my entire head, so most people might get by with just one! It brings out and holds your natural curl without any grease or crunchy feeling. I use this when my hair is damp as a first step. Around $9 in most beauty supplies. I have also found this at Great Clips.

Suave Sleek - Heat Protection Spray: This stuff is great! I mist my whole head, or just the ends for a touch up prior to blow drying. So light you barely know it's there. Under $5 at drugstores.

LA Looks - Chaotic Look Whipped Wax: This poor can is several years old, and they may have stopped making it. Occasionally makes an appearance in grocery stores. Just one little dab really makes your curls glossy and perfectly separated. Under $5

Suave Extra Hold - Non Aerosol Hairspray #7: When I buy this stuff, I stock up on several. It's that good! After I do my hair, either curly or straight, I spray this on and it makes your hair look glossy and more piecey. It has never flaked on me once (which is great for people with dark hair) and will hold your hair through any windstorm while keeping it feeling soft and not stiff. Under $5 in supermarkets and drugstores.

Hope you guys have fun trying these bargain brands. I'll do makeup next time :-)