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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Gone, Baby, Gone!

So...You Don't Want My Money?

Today I decided to run over to Ye Olde Cheapo hair place to get my hair cut. It had gotten pretty long and was also pretty scraggly. It was time to do my yearly hack-it-all-off routine. I washed my hair, left it wet, and just pulled it into a ponytail. I figured it would save them from having to wash it (ie: get my top all wet) and they could just get right to work. The stylist sat me down in the chair and asked what I wanted to have done as she started yanking the band off my ponytail.
"Well, I'd like to get it cut about shoulder..." I started.
"Now, you don't really want it CUT, do you? Do you just want a tiny bit off the ends?" She continued over me.
"Yes, I want it cut. Make it about shoulder length. Right here." I pointed to where it should be cut to help the poor girl out. She obviously wasn't used to people going to a hair cut place to get their hair cut.
"But it's so pretty! You have such nice hair and you can carry long hair off since you're tall and thin." I was getting suspicious by this point, wondering if David had called ahead and instructed her to talk me out of it. "Throw in the words tall and thin and she'll be putty in your hands. " I could imagine him saying.
So I inisited on getting the cut I wanted, and even with all the pointing at the length I wanted, she still moved her scissors down about two inches. "So I'll start here..." And she snipped.
"No, no. Higher." I pointed again.
"Well, I'm sure you can carry this off, you do have the neck for it."
I am not quite sure what about the style I wanted offended her sensibilities, but at the end of it all, she did admit that it looked cute. "Do you want to put it back up in a ponytail?" She said as I went out the door. Maybe she'll save the clippings somewhere so she can remember the woman who ruined a perfectly good haircut done by someone else.


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